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CBD: The natural molecule that improves the performance of athletes

Benefits and Research of CBD for Athletes

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José Calvo, is a professional MMA fighter, and for some months now he has experienced for himself the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) in Osmosis CBD products.

Due to his work and lifestyle, this high-performance athlete must deal with different conditions associated with body effort.

Over the past few years, CBD – a non-psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant – has begun to be accepted as an option for high-competition athletes. This phytocannabitoid is one of the 130 that lie naturally in each of the plants. Science has identified in it a number of properties that can benefit athletes.

At a general level, CBD has attracted the attention of people as an anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, sleep repair option, but, in addition, according to surveys, more than 50% of people use it to accompany the treatment of some type of pain. That’s where CBD has a positive impact on the lifestyle of athletes.

“CBD has helped me greatly in recovery after workouts and to calm anxiety in intense weeks or days where muscle pains are important,” says Calvo.

Calvo’s claim is proven by medical science. Studies accepted even by the World Health Organization (WHO) maintain that CBD is a promising supplement to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in cellular tissues. This is exactly what happens after excessive physical exercise is performed.

Muscle pain is usually caused by muscle inflammation and body pain one of its effects. But unlike other pain treatments, CBD is a non-psychoactive treatment and doesn’t create any kind of dependence.

Conventionally, pain is treated with opioids, analgesics and/or opium-derived medications or other synthetic medications whose health effects are highly harmful In fact, the high use of opioids in developed countries has led to great dependence because their prolonged use increases resistance in the body causing higher and higher doses to be needed.

This has been the case for hundreds of high-performance athletes who have been involved in strong addictions caused by the painkillers they received during an injury. Some scientific studies have shown how CBD can help treat painkiller addiction.

It’s also not addictive. It’s also not addictive. If you are taking some medications it is necessary to consult with the doctor or review the list of interactions with medications in the link that we leave you below.

In addition, it is important to clarify that this information is valid only if the CBD product being used is a product whose ingredients are verifiable. That is, a legal product registered with the Ministry of Health.

If you are going to use Osmosis CBD products, we recommend you follow the directions on the box. However, we always recommend progressive dosing until the Minimum Effective Dose (MD) is reached, the minimum dose needed to achieve the benefits of supplements. In athletes, AMD can vary with time and severity of workouts.

As a rule: Start with a reference dose (weight/severity) in 2 doses a day (preferably before or after meals) and maintain for 1 week. If the desired benefits are not achieved, increase the dose progressively (5-10 mg) every 3 days.

For its benefits and non-psychoactivity, CBD use was accepted for the recovery of athletes during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This speaks positively of the effectiveness of these supplements.

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