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Action for collective welfare

Let’s help those who need it the most

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We can all contribute to improving our surrounding communities. As a friendly company committed to the well-being of all, we seek to get involved in different projects that generate positive social impacts.

Believing that if we focus our actions and resources, we will create a more equitable world that contributes to improving the lives of those who are in need.

Every time you buy an Osmosis CBD product, you help to make the world a better place. How do we do it? Every month we allocate part of our profits to Costa Rican projects that are making a change in their community. These takings go to people in communities, foundations, associations, and environmental causes.

As our business grows, thanks to your support, different social welfare organizations also flourish.

Learn about the supported projects:

Classmate Solidarity Team Group Community Concept

Be the change you want to see in the world

CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence) is a non-profit association, declared of public utility, based in Huacas, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Since 2005, it has promoted the culture, health, education and participation of minors and their families in vulnerable conditions.

CEPIA currently serves around 1,000 minors a year and 500 adults in integral programs. CEPIA promotes inclusion, gender equality, diversity, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, ecological regeneration, holistic and empowering education, trauma healing and mindfulness.

CEPIA received the 2012 Franco-German Human Rights Award in Costa Rica. The founder, Laetitia Deweer, is a member of the CALI Foundation of the Aspen Institute (USA). In August 2014, CEPIA built the Integral Community Center, a model for the development of human and community capital.


The foundation was created based on the need to help children at social risk in Jacó, Costa Rica. The accelerated growth of this tourist area has generated urban gaps invaded by drug addiction, prostitution, and crime.

Consequently, the foundation has taken the problem seriously and has decided to address it. Through sport, its founder, Leonidas Ruaro, through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, discipline and education has taught sport as a tool for children to fight against their environment.