Legal CBD chocolates now on sale in Costa Rica

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Osmosis CBD continues to innovate in the national CBD industry, this time with three different edible products that combine two plants known not only for their health qualities, but also for their delicious flavor when mixed.

These are three delicious chocolates with hemp extract (CBD) whose main feature is the quality of the extract, as well as, the characteristics of the cultivation of cocoa trees that are produced in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica.

These conditions are conducive for the fruits to maintain their flavor and production characteristics. In addition, the farm called Chocolatera del Volcán has recently obtained its USDA Organic certification. This maintains the high quality of production that characterizes the brand.

“We are introducing 3 new flavors of chocolates in a 35 gram tablet. Different types of organic cocoa with coconut milk, candied ginger and Himaya Salt. Each of them with 100 mg of CBD. This is a higher concentration in this product category”, assures the communication director, Daniel Gómez.

These products will be gradually distributed throughout the country as it has been done with its family of nutritional oils with CBD that are characterized by their high efficiency and delicious flavor. These delicious chocolates join the products proudly made in Costa Rica.

At the moment the chocolates are available at and at the Sabana Norte store, The Void.

  1. Chocolate Tablet 60% Cocoa + Coconut Milk + 100 mg of Hemp Extract (CBD)

2. 70% organic chocolate tablet + Himalayan salt + 100 mg of hemp extract (CBD)

3. 80% Organic Chocolate Tablet + Candied Ginger + 100 mg of Hemp Extract (CBD)

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