Terms and Conditions of Service

FIRST. General. 1 This agreement of terms, conditions and responsibilities is entered into between ZEGREENLAB CBD S.A. and its subsidiaries, which for purposes of this agreement will be referred to as “COMPANY”, “ZEGREENLAB” or “BRAND”; and the PERSON using this website, its functions, products or services provided through this website, hereinafter referred to in this agreement as “CUSTOMER”, “USER” or “PURCHASER”. 2) By the nature of service, ZEGREENLAB uses services and products of partner companies and external third parties, which for purposes of this agreement will be referred to as “PARTNERS”, “THIRD PARTIES” or “SUPPLIERS”. 3) The present agreement is regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Costa Rica, therefore CLIENT accepts to act and be ordered by the same legislation or competent authorities. This includes, but is not limited to: a) Being of legal age or in the legal age to accept agreements. b) Being in the legal age in force for the purchase of products and services within the applicable commercial categories. c) Being in the legal age to assume the legal capacity on the information shared, especially that which is considered as sensitive (example identification information, contact, residence, shipping address, among others); and the requests made to the COMPANY. 4) This agreement shall be treated as made and executed within the Republic of Costa Rica, being controlled and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica; and for any dispute between the parties, the courts of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica shall have jurisdiction. 5) The language of this agreement shall be interpreted under an impartial perspective and not strictly against any party. Any interpretation to the effect that any ambiguity is to be resolved against the drafter of the agreement does not apply in the interpretation of this agreement and related policies. 6) In general, a minimum age of eighteen (18) years is established to use, register, purchase and access any product or service offered by the COMPANY. 7) The products and services provided by the COMPANY are available for the following countries or regions: a) Costa Rica.


SECOND. Objective. 1) The CLIENT as a consumer, visitor and user of the services, products, benefits and/or virtual areas provided by the COMPANY through the website osmosiscbd.com, accepts his obligation to respect and act according to the conditions stipulated in this agreement and established in the applicable legislation. 2) At the same time, the COMPANY also establishes the rights, limitations and processes applicable to the parties involved and covered by this agreement. 3) It establishes the licenses of acceptable use of the services, products, platforms and media offered by the COMPANY. 4) Through its website osmosiscbd.com, the COMPANY may request personal information, only in cases where it is required and in accordance with the customer’s purpose (in cases where it is required, the customer will be made aware of it). Therefore, by accessing and browsing our website the user acknowledges such information and assumes that he/she has read, is aware of, and has accepted our Privacy and Security Policy, as well as, our Terms and Conditions. 5) By accessing the website located at osmosiscbd.com and all links to systems located therein (hereinafter the “Website”), owned by Osmosis CBD, the user agrees to follow and comply with the terms and conditions indicated below. In the event that the user does not agree with the terms and conditions of use, the user is requested to refrain from using the Website.


THIRD. Obligatory nature and Term of Agreement. 1) In the event that the CLIENT does not agree or does not comply with any of the conditions, policies, or legislation in force, he/she must immediately abandon the use, purchase or any type of interaction related to the Internet site, services or products applicable by these and other related policies. 2) This agreement is valid indefinitely, applying at all times that the USER has access to, is part of, uses or has any interaction with the products, media or services offered by the COMPANY.


FOURTH. Data and Fraud Prevention. The CLIENT agrees: 1) The information provided to the COMPANY is truthful and may be verified by the COMPANY, PARTNERS and SUBSIDIARIES at any time to prevent fraud, illegal acts or errors within their services or products. 2) Keep your information updated and with the required data. 3) The COMPANY may contact you via telephone, email or instant messaging to verify any irregularity. 4) In case an irregularity is detected in your information, you must respond to the company within a maximum of ten (10) legal days with the required data or evidence to verify the questioned information, otherwise, the COMPANY may proceed with the suspension, cancellation or deletion of the account. 5) To use our online services or access the store, the CUSTOMER must create an account in your name, so you agree that your name is the only authorized to make requests related to your account, access, orders, purchases, payments, any option, action and / or data stored or performed within the platforms, services, products and applicable media. 5) The CUSTOMER is the only responsible for the activity that occurs within his account, so he also agrees to maintain the correct measures to preserve the security of his account. 6) In case a fraudulent or illegal activity is detected, the COMPANY will be able to share all the registered information of the CLIENT with the pertinent authorities. 7) Due to the nature of digital services, ZEGREENLAB may share the CLIENT’s information with SUBSIDIARIES and PARTNERS abroad, always ensuring respect for the CLIENT’s privacy. PARTNERS and SUBSIDIARIES must also follow the data protection policies maintained by ZEGREENLAB.


FIFTH. Shipments. 1) The COMPANY will send the orders placed by the CLIENT to the shipping address provided by the CLIENT for this purpose. 2) The CUSTOMER assumes its responsibility to keep the shipping data updated at the time of purchase; and releases the COMPANY from any liability in case of any incident or error that has been caused by erroneous or outdated information by the CUSTOMER. 3) The CUSTOMER will only be able to safely receive the products from the countries or regions specified in section seven (7) of the FIRST point of this agreement. 4) Purchases and orders can be made from anywhere in the world, which is why in the event that the CUSTOMER makes a purchase in a country or region outside those specified in this agreement, the same assumes full responsibility and declares that it knows the regulations applicable to the shipping address provided, and that ZEGREENLAB can proceed with the regular shipment of your order requested; also exempts the COMPANY from any liability in case you have problems receiving your order outside the areas of coverage specified in section seven (7) of the FIRST point of this agreement.


SIXTH. Payments and Payment Gateways. 1) The Company may receive as means of payment bank transactions, cash payments and payments with credit or debit cards; however, the availability of these means of payment may vary depending on the location, platform, or means of purchase. 3) For the receipt of online payments, the COMPANY may use and share the CUSTOMER’s data with the services provided by PARTNERS for the processing of such payments. The CUSTOMER accepts the terms and conditions established independently by the payment gateways available, which by the nature of the service, are not linked to or are not the responsibility of ZEGREENLAB. 4) The CUSTOMER declares that he/she is authorized to use the billing information registered and the payment methods used, and therefore also exempts the COMPANY from any liability in case of any claim, damage or legal process resulting from the wrongdoing of the CUSTOMER himself/herself. 5) In case of payment errors, double charges, or any problem that may arise due to the technological nature of the payment gateways, the CUSTOMER has a maximum of 30 physical days to declare such problem to the COMPANY. In the event that the PURCHASER does not make the report within this period, the COMPANY is not responsible nor will it have any obligation. 6) Due to the nature of the payment gateways, the COMPANY is not responsible in case the CLIENT’s account or transaction is declared as fraudulent or suspicious by the payment gateway. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to resolve directly with the THIRD PARTIES that provide the payment gateway service.


SEVENTH. Accounts and Passwords. 1) In order to make online purchases, it is mandatory that the CUSTOMER creates an ACCOUNT on the website. 2) The USER is solely responsible for ensuring that their accounts are not accessed by outsiders. 3) The COMPANY reserves the right to cancel, suspend or block the account, either temporarily or permanently, at any time, if in the opinion of the COMPANY the account is making an inadequate use of the resources, services or platforms. If it is the case of cancellation, suspension or blocking, the COMPANY may cancel the purchase made, without this representing any right to compensation in favor of the suspended or canceled account. 4) The USER will be the only responsible for all the activities carried out in his ACCOUNT, indifferent if it was by himself and/or by third parties, given that the access to the same is limited to the entry of his login and password, of exclusive knowledge by the USER. 5) The COMPANY will only be responsible for the filtration of data that happens due to its negligence.


EIGHTH. Licenses and Restrictions. 1) The COMPANY provides a personal use license to the USER to access and use the website with its respective features and functions available. However, this license of personal use and interaction shall not be taken as a license of use, distribution, promotion or modification of the contents present in the web site and resources available therein; neither shall it be taken as an association, commercial agreement, or authorization for one party to represent the other party. 3) The CLIENT understands and accepts that it is not allowed: (a) copy, print, publish, display, exhibit, distribute, transmit, sell, rent, lease, loan; dispose of in any way or for any other purpose, any part of the site or any content and resources obtained through this; b) use any material, content or resource obtained through the web site to develop it as a component of information, computer and information systems, databases, information sources or similar resources (in any existing and future media), i.e. offered for commercial distribution of any kind, including but not limited to sales, subscriptions, promotional material or any other commercial distribution mechanism; c) use, modification or redistribution as part of compilations or derivative works of any kind; d) any unauthorized or illegal use that may infringe copyright, intellectual property rights or any rights reserved by the COMPANY and/or the various business PARTNERS involved; e) removing, changing or obscuring in any way the various copyright, usage, limitations or applicable licensing notices or notices; f) using, modifying or distributing any material, brand, product or content on the website without prior written authorization from the COMPANY. 4) The COMPANY does not at any time grant any license or permission to the USER, except for those explicitly stated in this agreement and related policies.