Moon Garden

Natural nutrients + 2000 mg CBD

CBD oil enriched with essential vitamins.
The potent antioxidant-rich formulation with natural ingredients such as soybean oil, avocado, Myrcene, Linalool, lavender, bay leaf, chamomile, Vitamin E, peach and lemon + 2000 mg CBD create a unique combination for people seeking nutrients to facilitate body rest.

Nutritional Function

Super antioxidant


Peach, lemon, and citrus fruits

CBD concentration

2000 mg / 30 ml
66.67 mg / 1 ml

Total amount

30 ml

Regular price:

₡ 76,275.00 IVAI

*Time-limited offer.

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It is antiseptic and antiviral. Its spirit-lifting aroma stimulates healing and purification.



It contains vitamins A and C and traces of fiber and protein.



It is mainly used as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and slightly sudorific.



Antimicrobial and antifungal activities.



It would help relieve pain and inflammation. It is an antispasmodic and can help with migraine headaches and tension.



It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, and sedative properties.


Olive Oil

High in oleic acid and in that the ratio between linoleic acid and vitamin E is dietetically much more balanced than that of seed oils.


Avocado Oil

Nutrient-rich and low in cholesterol.


Vitamin E

It has a fundamental role in the normal metabolism of all cells, it is a high-performance antioxidant. It helps protect cells against damage caused by free radicals.



Present in oils such as lemongrass, verbena, bay leaf, and hemp. It has disease-preventive properties due to its antioxidant capacity.


Soybean oil

This source of Omega 3 strengthens the reduction of triglycerides, a key factor in the prevention of circulatory difficulties.

Made in Costa Rica

Good Manufacturing Practices

THC free

Manufactured and tested by certified laboratories

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hemp extracts?

The Hemp extract known as cannabidiol (CBD) has been recognized by the scientific community for supporting physical and psychic wellbeing.

One of its greatest benefits is the antioxidant capacity that makes it a natural supplement for everyone. Osmosis CBD’s blends provide important nutrients that contributes with a rich in antioxidants and balanced diet.

In addition to hemp extract, we provide different types of natural extracts to improve the taste and purpose of the formulation.

Why are Osmosis CBD’s oils better than those currently sold illegally or legally?

While most brands sell hemp extracts (CBD) with one ingredient, usually fractionated coconut oil, Osmosis CBD goes further in its formulation complexity.

Our formulations offer higher purity botanical ingredients and extracts that improves the performance of the CBD extract in the formula. More ingredients, better taste, the same amount of CBD, and better price.

Different studies on the current commercialization of CBD have agreed that most products people sell illegally are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, and added to this, they do NOT bring the amount of CBD they present on their label. In other words, you may be paying a lot of money for unhealthy and inferior quality products.

Osmosis CBD’s products are the best available because they possess:

  • Authorization from the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.
  • Laboratory tests assuring the levels and purity of our CBD extracts.
  • Enriched formulations with botanical extracts to improve performance
  • Free of pesticides, ammonia, herbicides, and heavy metals.
  • Organic CBD extract.
  • Certified with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Where does the CBD come from?

CBD is one of more than 114 cannabinoids that can be extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant (marijuana and hemp). CBD oil can be obtained in various forms: liquid, edible, and within edibles.

CBD is not a euphoric substance, unlike THC –the best-known component of cannabis –which is.

Industrial hemp contains higher levels of CBD and low presence of THC. On the other hand, “marijuana” – female cannabis – has higher concentrations of THC and less CBD.

The world is constantly researching the powerful nutritional properties of CBD. Research has shown that this molecule could contribute to the physical wellbeing.

How much CBD oil I should consume per day?

You can find the minimum and maximum daily dosage on our box and product. However, it is considered that you can start with 5-10mg until you reach 30-60mg daily according to the needs of each person.

At Osmosis CBD® we develop nutritional supplements based on vegetable oil. Sublingual administration is recommended. It can be added to beverages and foods.


Dosage: Each indicator on the droppers aims to deliver a precise dosage. This indicator allows for a more accurate dosage of our supplements. The amount of mg of CBD per ml varies depending on the product:


  • Garden Breeze: 8.8 mg/ml
  • Naranja Krush: 8.8 mg/ml
  • Spiced Canela: 16.7 mg/ml
  • Mandarina Sunrise: 33.3 mg/ml
  • Moon Garden: 66.67 mg/ml
  • Mountain Rest: 100 mg/ml

Will I get high if I consume CBD oils?

No. Over the past few years, doctors and scientists have realized that CBD does not produce mental or euphoric alterations commonly associated with marijuana.

Each of our oils is guaranteed with 0% THC, therefore, they will not produce psychotomimetic effects.

Will my child get high on CBD?

The first question parents ask themselves about CBD is whether these products will get their children high. The answer is no. If the content of the products does not include high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD will not drug your children or teenagers. CBD does not have any psychotropic or euphoric effects commonly associated with products high in THC.

What is the right age for my children to try CBD supplements?

There are many reasons why people consume CBD as older adults and young adults. However, some parents decide to give CBD to their children for its nutritional function or health reasons with not secondary effects.

Can I consume Osmosis CBD® products during the day?

Yes. You can use our products anytime and anywhere as they do not contain psychotropic or intoxicating effects.

Is there any side effect related to CBD?

If you consume pure, unadulterated CBD, it’s unlikely to feel unpleasant side effects or get any disease.

A 2017 World Health Organization report said that “Cannabidiol (CBD) in humans, does not present effects indicative of any potential for abuse or dependence,” and that “it is generally well tolerated with a safety profile.”

On the other hand, some studies to analyze the effects of consuming high daily doses of CBD (+5000mg a day) could lead to some side effects such as drowsiness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, among others.

That is why it is recommended to consume our supplements in a moderate way and according to the indications for use.

Which Osmosis CBD® oil is best for me?

Our oils have different types of CBD concentrations and nutrients to contribute to balanced nutrition. Any Osmosis CBD product will give you nutrients considered superfoods.

  • – Spiced Canela 500 mg CBD
  • – Naranja Krush 250 mg CBD
  • – Garden Breeze 250 mg CBD
  • – Mandarina Sunrise1000 mg CBD
  • – Moon Garden 2000 mg CBD
  • – Mountain Rest3000 mg CBD

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