Moringa Bliss

Botanical extracts + 3000 mg CBD

Topical ointment with moringa menthol, extracts of johnilama, calendula, arnica and hemp (CBD) with mint scent.
Manufactured in Costa Rica with 100% natural compounds, the recipe contains the active component CBD, scientifically recognized for its strong antioxidant and regenerative action.

In symbiosis with Moringa, Arnica and Calendula, the ingredients reinforce the cellular structures that provide longevity to the skin.

Therefore, the mixture with 3000 mg of CBD is a true complement in the relief of body pain.


Skin care



CBD concentration

10% / 30 g
3000 mg CBD/30 g

Total amount

30 g

Regular price:

₡ 56,944 IVAI

*Time-limited offer.

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Moringa gives very special dermal protection with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that prevent premature aging.



This ingredient gives a powerful protective, moisturizing, and regenerative action on the skin, accompanied by a velvety and youthful texture.



Rich in natural vitamins, regenerating characteristics, and notoriety for being a skin-softening agent.



Used by many cultures in the northern hemisphere for the relief of discomforts related to skin inflammation.



The properties of calendula cause collagen to be produced in our skin, giving it a rejuvenated and protected touch.



The grace of the Juanilama plant (Lippia Alba) makes Osmosis CBD® products complete for cleansing and eliminating bacterial life on the skin.



Relaxing, anti-inflammatory.

Made in Costa Rica

Good Manufacturing Practices

THC free

Manufactured and tested by certified laboratories

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