5 ways CBD will enhance your yoga practice

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The practice of yoga is an ancestral discipline that consists in the acceptance of the present through the practice of calming mental tribulation. The word comes from Sanskrit and its etymological meaning is “union, connect”. The practice of yoga and meditation is one of the tools that have accompanied the human being to get rid of diseases, bad thoughts, depression and its ultimate goal is to achieve inner happiness.

When we talk about the problems that afflict today’s society, we often focus on trying to explain the causes of these problems. Be it political, health, social, labor and, finally, our own thoughts.

This lack of harmony and awareness of the reasons why we feel stress, anxiety, depression or sadness has to do directly with what we think, see and speak. For many, yoga is one of the ways to free themselves from daily anxiety and supplements such as cannabidiol (CBD), can help us to be a vehicle to connect with this practice.

Yoga and CBD: a vehicle for body relaxation

The natural components of cannabis, also known as cannabinoids, can help contribute to psychological and physical well-being during the practice of yoga.

These natural molecules intervene with a system called Endocannabinoid System whose function is to modulate the daily activities of the body. Both yoga and sports practitioners are interested in using CBD because they enhance activity or are complementary to each other.

Here are 5 ways CBD can improve your yoga class:

  1. Meditation: It is common for yoga classes to begin with a moment of meditation. CBD before this moment could stimulate you to mentally enter into this practice.
  2. Recovery: Some positions can be difficult to achieve. Also the amount of times a week that we practice yoga can be challenging for the body causing some muscle soreness. CBD has the ability to help generate anti-inflammation.
  3. Body Relaxation: CBD yoga is known for its cellular anti-inflammatory capabilities. This type of characteristic can promote body relaxation during or after training.
  4. It helps with your yoga postures: The so-called Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga, the most common types of postures, demand a lot of body strength. Some research claims that the interaction of CBD with the immune system and T-cells to decrease the production of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are responsible for inflammation. In general, the benefits of yoga are about improving cellular circulation, regenerating organs and helping with body aches and pains caused by sedentary lifestyles.
  5. Improves concentration: Sometimes our daily routine absorbs most of our thoughts. This leads to anxiety, lack of concentration and, therefore, makes it difficult for us to get in touch with our practices. The relaxing benefits of CBD can help us concentrate.

“Meditation is the invitation to enter into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn that which you are not, and free your heart.” Mooji

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