Everything you need to know before buying the best CBD products

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People in today’s world are using more and more natural compounds for their daily well-being. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of them. In places like the United States or Europe this anti-stress supplement is everywhere you look. From gas stations, stores, boutiques to the most recognized dispensaries in town.

Its versatility is viewed with great excitement. CBD can be added to beverages, supplements, cosmetics, edibles and is even a great ally for complementary medicine.

It is incredible how these molecules are formed. In the formation of hemp inflorescences there are glands that secrete components known as trichomes where cannabinoids are stored, including CBD, flavonoids, terpenes. A whole phytochemical profile.

The latter are the colors, fragrances play with plants and vegetables. Hemp acts in the same way. When these are combined with each other they work better. This effect is determined by the entourage effect, which basically consists of the understanding that, at the body level, the elements described here work in better ways.

How does CBD benefit me?

Endocannabinoid System

Hemp is a plant with great benefits. These benefits have led us to a better understanding of a system until recently unknown, entitled the Endocannabinoid System.

Throughout the body we have endocannabinoid receptors; in the organs in the heart in the skin in the body in general and interacting with the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, among others.

As a result, cannabinoids, which are molecules very similar to those produced by the body, the endocannabinoids, intervene in the balance of basic activities. In the same way both help the body to create the perfect balance known as homeostasis.

In the same way that Vitamin D is produced by the body and activated by the sun, in the same way we have cannabinoids in our body, or we can obtain them from external sources such as hemp.

By obtaining these compounds naturally, such as CBD products and natural extracts with high quality, it can definitely help us stabilize our bodies. The fact that our bodies produce these molecules for a healthy life speaks to the great benefit of getting in connection with natural products to live a harmonious life.

How to use CBD?

Hemp-based products are at the forefront of treatment for wellness and alternative living development in the tropics. The great versatility that CBD has in combination with different products can be confusing to understand which is a quality product and which is not.

CBD can make us feel good after a day at work, after a gym session, to keep us calm or provide a nutritional benefit. However, CBD products vary greatly. To find the products that best suit your lifestyle, it is important to first understand each product family.

When you buy CBD it is important that you find first of all, that quality and healthiness is important, but also that there is a variety of products that vary according to the needs of each person. Below, we explain some of these products:

How to use CBD oils

Oils, sometimes also called tinctures, are a common way to take CBD. The oils are a combination of the CBD extract with a nutritional oil that functions as a “vehicle”. This oil dilutes the extracts better which makes them easy to dose and consume.

When you take an oil, you usually use the dropper to measure the amount and put it directly into your mouth. A great benefit of this facility is that you can tell exactly how much CBD oil you are taking.

For people who are new to this subject, it is best to start with low amounts and gradually increase the intake.

If you are wondering how to use our Osmosis CBD oils, you can start by taking a quarter of a dropper, once a day for three days. Through observation you will be able to analyze how it made you feel, and if this is the right dose for you. This way you will be able to activate your CBD receptors in the optimal way for better absorption in the body.

From there you can increase the dosage from ¼ to 1 ml every day and 3 ml maximum, according to the recommendation of our professionals. This way you will be able to measure what is the perfect dosage that fits with the personal wellness you are looking for.

How to use CBD chocolates

Chocolates with CBD have great benefits for those who take advantage of the benefits of both components. Studies have shown that in both ingredients there is what scientists have baptized as “the happiness molecule” or anandamide, which has great influence on daily activities such as appetite, sleep, mood, homeostasis, among others.

Each chocolate bar also contains the amount of CBD per serving. This quality is important for those who use daily amounts of CBD. This is a delicious way to combine both elements for CBD and chocolate lovers, as well as, people who need to take these components on a daily basis, but do not necessarily identify with oil-based products.

How to use CBD capsules

Another way to ingest CBD oil is popularly found in capsules. Osmosis CBD Caps have the same amount of our oils, but with even more precise dosages. This is another way to reap the benefits of our nutritional oils. Just like oil droppers, CBD capsules are a discreet and portable, easy way for your daily consumption.

How to use CBD gummies

Gummies have revolutionized CBD edibles. They are generally consumed for convenience, as they can be easily transported and have the same effects as oils.

Like oils, gummies are considered nutraceutical products, which means that they are food products that provide health benefits.

How to use CBD creams and ointments

Topical CBD is usually the first experience people have with CBD. Many people want to start by treating their physical ailments through creams and salves. This type of product is perfect for treating needs in the specific area of the body that may be in need of some care.

Both products are great for these effects. If benefits are shown in the first few days, combining with nutraceutical CBD products can help optimize the benefits of CBD.

How to find the best CBD products

Not all that glitters is gold and not all products you see with CBD are healthy or safe. In fact, the vast majority are unregulated which can be a problem if you are looking for the physical and mental wellness that CBD offers.

When you see a CBD product be sure to look for the following certifications for better control of your health:

Sanitary registration from the Ministry of Health: Costa Rica takes public health very seriously, which is why a product with a sanitary registration guarantees an audited health control.

Amount of CBD: The amount of CBD in the product should be the first thing that should appear on the product label. The amount of mg per container will help you to know how much you should pour in the dropper each time you need to take and in the case of other products such as Chocolates and Gummies, you will know how much you should eat per serving according to your needs.

Laboratory Analysis: In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Health does not accept CBD extracts with traces of THC, the laboratory analysis verifies that the products have complied with the legality process and, therefore, will not be adulterated with any component.

With this information you can now choose a product that best suits your needs or lifestyle. This and more tips to achieve your goals and health objectives, in our specialized section on CBD.

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